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While taking a day off in a beautiful, relaxing inn with Robin at my side in Yorktown,VA. I want to thank everyone who has followed and supported me on this journey. Family, friends, strangers or I should say new friends for opening their homes, feeding me, encouragement, their pledges, financial support and still hoping for more support for Saint Vincent de Paul not only financially but through new membership to our St. Rita Harahan Conference.

God Bless



Between going off route to see family, friends and maybe just a few wrong turns this is the final mileage on my cycling computer. 4400 miles on the button! Almost unbelievable that I finished with such an exact rounded off mileage but had the computer installed in Astoria, OR. when I started the ride and took this picture of it when I arrived at my final destination in Yorktown,VA. So the final mileage and finish date is 4400 miles on July 8th, 2013. What a wonderful journey and a blessed life!!!



I’m getting bossed around already. Robin says the porkchops ( side burns ) have to go, what do you think?



After starting out in the rain, a flat tire, then sour chocolate milk, look where I found myself.




Didn’t have service last night so this is a little catching up. Slept in the Willis United Methodist Church last night, the pastor was on vacation but he had one of the parishioners open the church up for me to stay.



Went to mass at St Ann’s in Ashland, VA Sunday where a fellow KC Knight offered me lunch and a place to stay for the night. Would have loved to stay with them but I had to get some mileage in to finish Monday. I did have lunch and enjoyed the visit, before getting on the road.


Less than a century to go. Since the rain let up I’ve done a 90 mile day followed by a century today. Happy to say I can’t do that tomorrow, its Sunday and St. Ann’s Church is right down the street! Staying in Ashland, VA. tonight. Can’t believe this adventure is coming to an end. I will in the final post ask for some ideas of how we can use this wonderful website to help SVdP in the future, maybe something not quite as bold that we can all do together. Be thinking about it.




Thought It was going to rain today and probably did but not on me. No matter how many times Robin and I go out west I still love these mountains as much as any other range.